Empowering People
who are patients

A consulting firm empowering transformation in citizen-led healthcare innovation. We can place your finger on the pulse of the future of health.

A passion for empowering people through removing the stigma around disease is the mission of Personal Pulse

Steve Bourke is fortunate that people share their stories with him. The curiosity to understand the individual journey, learn from the insights, and make the lasting connection allow him to dig deeper. This has created many opportunities to find the individual’s true driver to create change that will give and gain value on many levels.

The foundations of Empowering People who are Patients

Over 20 years ago, the twist of a coin took Steve on a journey to where he is today. Exercise physiology fostered a deep curiosity about the workings of the human body. He was undertaking research science, including lung and smooth muscle molecular physiology. The opportunity to capture the movement of proteins in cells by capturing the electrical activity by measuring ion channel activity was and remains fascinating. A long career in imaging offered opportunities to discuss and learn from some of the most engaged young scientific minds.  Moving into health communications it was a natural fit for advocating for individuals who gained the patient badge. Time spent developing solutions for pharmaceutical industry partnering opened a new understanding of the global landscape. Creating digital patient lead innovations has been a real passion and has opened many engaging conversations and collaborations.

Each step has added to the three core pillars built on a bedrock foundation built on a heartbeat PQRST: People-focused, Quality, Respect, Sustainable, Transparency.

The lived Patient Experience

I was diagnosed with Chronic Hypertension. I can’t say it came as a shock. My family history of stroke, aneurysm, and high blood pressure were reasonable indications. As a chronic disease, it has a negligible impact daily but requires proactive management and more importantly, acceptance of the short-term efforts has long-term benefits. Like most patients and carers, the drive is to protect others before me. How can I ensure the next person given the patient badge is better equipped to take ownership?  No medical and scientific education provided me with the tools necessary to begin a bold behavioural change and take ownership of my diagnosis. I knew I was fortunate to have a rich professional experience to start the required changes. I could help others best by seeing the opportunities for Empowering People who are Patients.

Steven (Steve) Bourke is a dynamic advocate with a passion for Empowering People who are Patients .

A passion for effective clear health communications combined with over ten years of expertise in biomedical research offers a distinctive advocate who excels in building bridges. Founder of Personal Pulse: Empowering People who are Patients, Co-founder RheumaCura Foundation; Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases can be prevented and cured. A member of EUPATI CH; Patient Engagement Through Education, and EUPATI fellow in training.

A public speaker who creates moments of reflection in the audience. He has gathered and continues to foster an extensive global network of healthcare thought leaders with diverse knowledge. This allows deep discussion on breaking down stigma around disease, creating opportunities to learn, and understanding how to give and gain value with loosely connected networks who are driving towards the future of Empowering People who are Patients.
The understanding with Empowerment comes responsibility is vital to success. Steve is also sensitive to and respectful of differing and diverse cultures.

Empathy, warmth, humour, calmness, trustworthiness, and a natural ability to identify and develop networks combine in Empowering People who are Patients.

Interested to learn about Collaborators, Testimonial, and Projects & Speaking co-created together with PersonalPulse

Personal Pulse offers a number of services that designed to Empower People who are patients: Collaborators, Testimonial, and Projects.

Services include:

Provide roadmap for engagement for long-term, systematic, and mutual value base co-creation partnerships.

Provide the necessary tools required for Empowering People who are Patients across the entire healthcare ecosystem

Quality moderation to develop public and private panel discussion

Personal Pulse can work across a broad range of health topics and disease areas, from local, national, and global subject area

Strategic sustainable development of digital health solutions which are citizen centric Through systematic evidence based research approach

Undertake personal interview to understand across disease area pain points that provide insights for unmet needs and in so doing Empower People who are patients

Rethink workshops with differing stakeholders

With the goal to allow for greater understanding of impact of disease on People who are Patients and develop multi stakeholder engagement in a mindful and impactful manner

Transforming community strengthening through development of clear and considered communications

Translate complex subject matter into accessible useful and impactful health communications.

Value based creation and matchmaking of advisory board

Creating the environment of mutual respect and guiding all stakeholder in open transparent discussion to allow for a long term partnership build upon a clear and measurable outcomes avoiding miscommunication.